Commit 6e797224 by Alam Ed Arias

Fix float-equal warning in Win32 interface

parent 11aef0b3
......@@ -996,7 +996,7 @@ static INT32 WINAPI VID_SetDirectDrawMode(viddef_t *lvid, vmode_t *currentmode)
// but rather render to memory bitmap buffer
lvid->direct = NULL;
if (!cv_stretch.value && (float)vid.width/vid.height != ((float)BASEVIDWIDTH/BASEVIDHEIGHT))
if (!cv_stretch.value && fabsf((float)vid.width/vid.height - ((float)BASEVIDWIDTH/BASEVIDHEIGHT)) > 1.0E-36f)
vid.height = (int)(vid.width * ((float)BASEVIDHEIGHT/BASEVIDWIDTH));// Adjust the height to match
return 1;
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