Commit 6064ba69 by Steel Titanium

Properly go back a dir

parent 724bcbf6
......@@ -693,17 +693,18 @@ before_script:
# Build libpng with patched apng support for MacOS
- if [[ "$TRAVIS_OS_NAME" == "osx" ]]; then
git clone --branch libpng16-37 --single-branch;
cd libpng-apng;
git checkout libpng16-37;
mkdir build-dir;
cd build-dir;
cmake ..;
make -k;
make install;
cd ..;
cd ..;
git clone --branch libpng16-37 --single-branch
cd libpng-apng
git checkout libpng16-37
mkdir build-dir
cd build-dir
cmake ..
make -k
make install
cd ..
cd ..
cd ..
# Go back to root repo folder
- cd "$OLDPWD"
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